Rubus Probus (Atherton Raspberry, Queensland Raspberry)

Anyone has Atherton raspberries or knows a person who has it here in the US? I am trying to get Rubus Probus plant but I couldn’t find anyone who sells it nor a nursery that carries it here in the US.

I am not aware of anyone selling bare roots, plugs or plants of this variety but the above link sells seeds in the US. I have no affiliation with them and don’t know their reputation.

Best of luck

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I ordered the seeds, but they didn’t germinate. Thank you for the information.

I ordered seeds and they sprouted after cold stratification. I have five plants that are a year old and fairly small because I keep forgetting to water them

I thought they don’t need cold starfication since they are tropical. How long did you keep the seeds in the fridge? And how long it took the seeds to sprout?

I thought they wouldn’t need stratification either, but the seeds came with generic Rubus instructions and my wife insisted that we follow them. I put them in the fridge for a two weeks and then they sprouted 5 weeks after coming out of the fridge.
Here is a picture of the plants so that you can confirm that I have the correct species.