Ruby Supreme Guava

I was at my favourite nursery in early June and picked up a few trees. One of them being this Guava.

The day it was brought home - June 9
The weather was not in our favour for the first half of this month so I stuck it in the greenhouse.

Here it is today.


Guava has been growing a lot. If there are any tips to encourage flowering please let me know :slight_smile:

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Sometimes,plants need to mature to start.I have a Lemon Guava that grew for a few years and now has flowered and set

Nov 1


Ruby Supreme is a shy bearer for me but the fruit is very good. I grow mine in a container as well and move it to my unheated garage for the colder months(Nov-Mar). If I am lucky they flower around May which will give me fruits around September or October. This year I had 8 or so fruits.

I would prune yours just before spring when it is about to start growing. This way you will have more branches that could have flowers and also control height.


I had a scare a few days ago. I went out to the gh and all the tips were wilted. I thought frost? I checked the weather it only went dow to 44 or something. Then I noticed it was bone dry. In three days it dried up completely. I now am seeing what people were saying about it being a water hog.

Your Ruby Supreme is so beautiful. What’s the minimum temperature required to keep it alive?

This is what happens when you don’t water like you’re supposed to. Yes even in December.