Russian Kaki experience zone6?

Anyone growing this one? Hardiness experiences?
“Russian Kaki”
JF info:

And another source:
“Introduced in the 1990’s by now defunct Oregon Exotics. Believed to be from the northern part of the Asian persimmon range. Highly vigorous “forest-type” kaki, which are less common in the US. Full hardiness has not been tested in the US but likely zone 6 hardy. Bears heavily of Hachiya-shaped fruits. Sets lightly astringent fruit without pollination that lose astringency if pollinized. Best for perserves, cooking, or drying (Hoshigaki)”


I tried it. It didn’t survive my winter temps in zone 6.


Oh ok thanks for the feedback. What was the cold temps that killed it? And how big was your tree?

I don’t remember the details. It was one of a whole bunch of kakis that didn’t survive. I’m pretty sure I planted Inchon that same year and it was the only one that made it.


Oh ok. Interesting. Thanks!