Russian persimmon discussion

Found this interesting Russian persimmon discussion: Google Translate

Not the best translation, but most of it can be worked out.



Antmary probably translates more accurate. Pretty cool that persimmons starting to get popular world wide.


At 7000 replies it might take a while to translate!

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Thank you, ampersand. The thread is quite long, over 500 pages. I’ll read it and I’ll write here if I find something interesting.
As a short explanation, persimmons are loved fruits in Russia, they are very popular in winter. But they can be grown only in the Ukraine and in the Southern part of Russia. And I am meaning American persimmons, not Asian persimmons. Despite the first successful introduction of Rossianka and Nikita’s gift there is not a lot of selection is going on right now. The persimmon enthusiasts often grow their trees from seeds, and they look with hope abroad toward United states where there is a lot of work is done. In Ukraine there are several recent cultivars available, l will read more about them and write what I learned.


Are you aware of how Nikitsky is faring with the troubles in Ukraine?

Recently I was trying to look at their website but the access was restricted due to the Crimean sanctions. I think we won’t see any new plants from them soon. But I am sure it is still working just fine.

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England’s is offering a new hybrid out of Nikitskaya… well, sort of out of Nikitskaya.

Here’s the listing:
Zima khurma =NB-02 - Persimmon bred out of Nikitskaya Bordovaya, cold hardy and good producer of orange medium to large size fruit that ripens mid-season on a semi-vigorous tree. Has low spreading growth habit and is a beautiful specimen in the fall. Trees are very cold hardy tested down to minus -16.4 F for a long time. This cultivar was bred in Japan and brought to America by Jerry Lehman of Terre Haute, Indiana. Ripens Late // Cold hardy to Zone 5 and up.

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I’m hoping Tony and others can help me…

I have two Nikita’s Gift trees. One was planted last year, the other the year before. Both trees look very healthy, although I know I’ll have to spray for mites in a couple weeks. I don’t overwater, and the only fertilizer they get are residual from lawn application.

Here’s the problem: I have noticed that the Nikita trees set A LOT of flowers given the tree sizes, but unfortunately a lot of the small fruit fall off. So far, from one tree, I counted 37 fallen fruit (tree is maybe 4.5 feet tall)! Last year, I would say more than 75% of the small fruits fell off almost immediately after the flower petals fell off. My question is- is the massive early fruit drop typical for Nikita’s Gift?

I also bought Kasandra, Zima Khurma, Sestronka, Korea, and Steiermark from Cliff this year. Anyone tasted fruit from any of these yet? I think I’m still several years away from tasting these from my trees!!! I grew too frustrated buying persimmon varieties that don’t grow well in NJ. By the way, I’ve found Tamopan to be particularly cold hardy!

My Nikita’s Gift dropped all the fruits the first 3 years. I got 15 fruits in the fourth year. My eight years old NG got about 100 peas size fruits right now. BTW , all the new Hybrids from Cliff are too new and not many of Us have the chance to taste it yet. You may email and ask Cliff about their taste.


Thanks, Tony. Out of all the Asian persimmon trees I’ve seen, the NG hybrid seems to set a whole lot of flowers given its size. So, I guess it’s natural that most of the flowers/fruit fall off.

I’m really interested in Cliff’s varieties. The only regret I have is that I bought the small size for most, so I think I’m several years away from seeing fruit. They’re finally starting to leaf out now, except for Kasandra.

Here’s a spring graft of ‘Zirochova’. Anyone with the correct spelling please let me know. And if you know anything about it i.e. cold hardiness, flavor, etc- it would be great to hear about.