Rustic white mulberry jam

A few months back I stumbled upon a YouTube channel chronicling the lives of a sweet family from the country of Azerbaijan. The channel posts weekly videos of the family making large rustic family style meals on their farm. Mostly in clay outdoor cooking pots. The videos are ASMR and do not include any talking. It peaked my curiosity to see such a simple way of life and made me a bit jealous of how well mannered their children were. They typically post videos involving main course meals but today they posted a video of how they make mulberry jam using white mulberries. I know very little about their country but it obviously has ideal growing conditions. Their gardens and fruit trees look so healthy.

Anyway, thought you might enjoy seeing this video as it is fruit related.


Interesting video what they made is more of a jelly than a jam.since they didn’t leave the fruit in. Never saw that jelly made before. We have used the tarp tricks here but not in many years. Great video thanks for posting!

Today they released a video showing some of their cherry harvest. They used both red and yellow cherries, along with red currants, to make several items. One of which is a drink I’ve seen them serve in other videos but did’t know how it was made. My first thought was to be surprised by the marge amount of sugar they use to make all of that stuff. But in reality, it’s likely a lot less than what would be used to make modern juices, sodas, jams, etc.

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Thanks for this! Part of me always wonders what life would be like if my Armenian ancestors had not emigrated. Looks like an off-the-grid lifestyle that many in my back-to-the-land generation might love. Rose water tea was often mentioned by my grandparents.


Many people will not agree with me but I strongly believe that those people are way more happier than the majority of people living in the West…


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