Saharanpur mulberry source in Europe?


I was planning to add the saharanpur mulberry to my collection also knowned by the white pakistan mulberry and was gonna order it from from September, but maybe the nursery is closed down because i cant access their website for the last weeks.
Anyone knows another nursery within Europe that stocks that variety? A web search showed no results
I also would like the Australian green mulberry but ive heard some people saying its the same thing as the white pakistan and others saying its a different cultivar.
Thanks guys


I buy mine from them… if you can’t get it i can arrange scions later…


Tks Luis


Carld, that site may have been hacked, you could try to contact them thru facebook



Tks i shall


Not sure if this is the one you are looking for but Thompson and Morgan have added this to their website,


Tks @IrishFigMadness , since that post I have 2 king white pakistan mulberries or Saharanpur or King White (all the same)

Smaller one:

Bigger tree


Looking good. I actually just managed to source them here in Ireland. Do you know if they take long before they begin fruiting?


@IrishFigMadness they fruited the first year in ground (which was last year) but all the fruit aborted and dropped which is normal for this cultivar. It needs to be established for some time to fruit and maintain the fruits. I’ll report if it maintains the fruits this year, heard some reports that only after established for 2-3 years it bears crops sucessfully