Saijo vs. Giombo persimmon

Has anyone grown both and prefer one over the other?

Bonus question: I’ve heard that there is a real fuyu and a fuyu that’s really a jiro. Is one superior than the other?

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I am growing both. Saijo is a clear winner in taste. However, Giombo produced 8x as many from the same size tree. Giombo taste very good until you eat a Saijo. Then it taste like water after. A very strange phenomenon. I plan to graft more Saijo next year. It’s just so damn good.


Only 1 bucket is Saijo.


:weary: now you’re telling me? Saijo sold out. :sob:

Haha. Well i don’t know if saijo actually taste better or Giombo overcropped. Overcropping lowered quality alot.

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I see Raintree and One Green World are O/S with Saijo. How weird so early! I will have plenty of Saijo scions if you’re planning to graft. PM me if you’d like scions for cost of mailer and postage.

Saijo is the only variety I gave up on getting a graft to take. Maybe it was just bad luck.

Giombo is my first choice, second kbs than R/B. This is my first group, second group? Doesn’t matter.


JF&E has them last time i check.

Thanks, I got all three growing, but all 3 had major damaged from polar Vortex.

I just tried my first giombo thanks to @Vincent_8B it tasted very good!

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Hands down Saijo is the best flavored I’ve tried so far. I have one plant growing given to me by Mike Cartwright.

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I’m jealous. Funny, I thought Vincent didn’t like his persimmons.

I’d be interested in trading for some saijo and giombo scons if anyone has some to spare. I have quite a few different fruits to offer in trade.