Sale on garlic

25% off garlic at Territorial Seed through Oct 29. Good selection.


How do you go about choosing?! Guess I have something new to research. Do you have any specific recommendations from this source?

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First you need to decide whether you want softneck or hardneck varieties and strong or mild taste… Softnect has smaller cloves, can be braided, and has longer storage life. Hardneck has much larger cloves and shorter storage life.You can see the neck difference in the pictures. The hardneck have the central stalk.
I only grow hardneck because I don’t like to work at peeling! Mine usually last till March. Once you get a variety you like you can harvest and replant year after year.


Look at the chart in this post.


Thanks, I ordered Susanville and Italian Late. Will look for Creole locally.