Salsify! Anyone growing it?

Just grew Salsify for the first time this year. I tried growing in buckets of soft mixed mediums in hopes for larger roots. Five gallon buckets grew four almost carrot sized roots for a whole season here. I tried a few 2.5 gallon buckets and the roots became a stringy mess as apposed to a taproot. Got enough to roast for a few meals and they were super delicious! I’m definitely going to experiment with this plant more next season.


I grew it last year. Had just enough to make enough for two people to have a gratin at thanksgiving. It was tasty, though. I didn’t get the rumored oyster flavor though. We still call them oyster carrots.


It’s on my list to grow next year. I grew a bunch of parsnips in ground and some in a large pot and they all seemed to do really well. Very low maintenance and never had any bug or disease issues. I’ll be harvesting some for the first time this week and will keep some in ground over winter. One of my parsnip plants turned out to be variegated, which looked really cool, so I’ll keep it in ground and try get seeds from it next year.

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Nope. I have not grown it. Heard it was a popular vegetable in colonial america. Always wanted to try growing it and celeriac too.

Parsnips do great! Years ago a friend of mine grew them and would leave them in the ground all winter. I would help him dig them up in April. They were tasty.

I love rutabaga too but those I grew got some kind of larvae in them and were also very tough. Next year I will give swiss chard a try. Hope they are better than collard greens which I tried but will not try again (way too bitter for me).

When I was young boy Kohlrabi was all the rage in my area. Tried that too once I got married and my wife and kids threw them at me. Strange as my parents always grew them and as kids we loved to eat them.

Anyone growing soybeans? My wife lived in Japan as a missionary for several years long before we got married. She still talks about the soybeans served there as a vegetable. I see some in seed catalogs. Never tried growing them.


I’ve grown the standard cultivar, “Mammoth Sandwich Island,” a few times, but not in recent years. Very easy to grow and good in soups and the like. Had a nice earthy flavor roasted. Like @RubyTue , I did not detect any oyster flavor.

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I only dug up 2 parsnips because the first one was enormous, lol, way bigger than I thought they would be. It was very starchy, like a potato. Still good though. I’ll keep the rest in the ground so that starch can convert to sugar through winter.

I grew kohlrabi for the first time this year. Didn’t care for it cooked since it was just mild and soft that way. I really liked them used for coleslaw though! I just shredded them and mixed with mayo, pepper, salt, and vinegar. I froze a bunch so I can make more over winter.


In youth everyone I knew in the neighborhood grew kohlrabi. Planted them in the spring.
Picked them when large enough but left the root in the ground when harvesting. Each plant would then produce 2-3 small kohlrabi again for a fall crop.

We always planted them for a fall crop only. Would pick them with our brussel sprouts late in Fall. Normally we raked leaves around them to keep them from freezing too soon. The cold fall weather made them much sweeter and less strong tasting compared to those planted in spring and harvested in summer. Usually we sliced and boiled them til tender and served them in a medium white sauce.

Never tried kohlrabi cole slaw but it sounds good. Especially if someone grew ‘Cossack’ since they get so enormous one cannot even eat the whole plant in one serving.