Salt content of coir

A friend gave me a couple bricks of compressed coir mulch (the chunky kind). MegaMulch I think it’s called. With coir I always worry about salt content, but information is so vague on any particular brand.

If there is a salt issue, will a few rinses take care of it? Is there a quick way to test salinity of it?

most nowadays are rinsed but it wouldnt hurt to do it again if your not sure.

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usually if it is they say it on the package. if it doesnt chances are it wasnt rinsed.

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Sounds like the brand sold at Costco? Should be washed, but don’t know what chunky grind might do. I had that brand in finer grind- never had an issue.


Yeah, she got it at Costco.

I’ll rinse it a couple times to be safe.