Same-season growth from budding

My mind is on apples, but I guess this is a general question…is there a rule of thumb as to when you can force a bud to grow (and survive the winter) the same season, vs. just letting it grow the following spring?

I’m in central Maryland, zone 6B/7A, and since young, vigorous apples have been known to grow into September here, I have to imagine if i budded in June, I could have a shot at getting decent same season growth that could harden off properly.

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Yes, I have done that… works fine. There is a challenge to the timing though, you need to force the bud not too early and not too late. Some experience is needed to get the timing right.


I’ve forced growth by cutting off the top before. One bud pushed growth a little bit and the other sat there and grew out the next season.

This year, I’m trying to keep the top alive but just enough to keep the bud apically dominant. The buds are pushing now. I’ve also watered and fertilized more to encourage it.


How long did you wait after grafting before partially prune off the top?

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About three weeks. This is an Asian Pear which grafts faster and easier than plums/peaches I think.


I have a couple of apple buds budded more than three weeks ago. I might try to force them using your method. Thanks for sharing…


I have had a plum start growing after budding in July here…they grew through the fall ( ithink i placed 3 buds near each other and they all pushed). They survived winter fine…the whole tree ended up dying though a season later…but that was the only time i saw a bud push already the same season around here. I don’t force them because i don’t usually bud until this time of the year and into August.

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