Same tree?

Same species of tree, or different? The one on the left is an American Beech, they are quite plentiful here. The one on the right is… Also an American Beech or something else?

The leaves are not tremendously different, but at least slightly… Check out the bark:

It’s certainly different than the typical Beech which looks like this:

Back of the leaves:

So yeah, they are VERY similar… They happen to be growing about 2’ apart from each other. I noticed the odd one last fall and intended to take a closer look this spring/summer and had forgotten until today.


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Perhaps an elm??? Following

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No, it’s not “also an American beech”.

The more difficult is to positively ID it. I’ve not done so. Some type of elm seems a good possibility. Any seed evidence anywhere?

I considered serviceberry and hornbeam.
A small limb / twig pix might help.

Here are some elm shots from online:

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Thanks… I’ll try to get some pics of limbs/twigs/seeds or anything else that might help. I had looked at quite a few pics of hornbeam leaves and they certainly look similar, but just didn’t quite seem right. Same for a few types of elms.

Looks like hophornbeam/ironwood, Ostrya virginiana, to me

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I think Lucky has it.

I don’t think the tree bark is a match to Ostyra?