San Diego raspberry varieties?

Hi all,

I live in North County, San Diego (San Marcos) and was wondering if anyone had any good raspberry varieties to try for a little raised bed plot. This would be a new bed and is 8’x2’x12" deep.

The spot is on the North side of my house so it gets afternoon shade which I heard the berries will appreciate.

Are there any particular cultivars you would recommend for my zone and any growing tips would be greatly appreciated.

This would be a new bed so if you have soil recommendations that would be fantastic as well.

I am new to this forum and have been a long time lurker. I’m super excited to share my experiences and learn from you all. Best fruit forum around! Yay! I hope I am not fishing for too much too early!

Thanks a bunch,


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Welcome! I grow Canby (almost thornless) and think it’s fantastic. I got it at the Walter Anderson in Poway a few years ago but saw it fairly recently there. They will spread although not as “badly” as blackberries so just make sure you want them longterm or you can grow in pots. All my blackberries are in pots, raised on cinder blocks and they still spread

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That’s good to know about Canby. I grow raspberries in white walker territory but people often ask me who do not. Another good one is Baba berry. Bay Laurel nursery sells it mail order or probably pick up.

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Ok awesome. I called some local nurseries on the phone looking for DWN raspberries but everyone is wiped out. I was hoping they will get some more orders of the sleeves.

The rep said that raspberries require a bit of chill but she couldn’t get me any information on which varieities would require more than others. I am hoping most of the berries DWN wouldnt require much as it doesnt list anything about chill hours for raspberries on their site. Maybe chill isnt a factor with raspberries? IDK

The only variety they have locally right now is the bababerry.

Do you guys have any reccomendations on soil for the raised bed? I was thinking about adding a little bit of sulfur to keep the pH down. My native soil and tap water is quite alkaline.

Thanks for the help everyone!


Sulfur would be good, but be very careful, too much and they all die. It takes 6 months to a year to work. Bacteria must convert the sulfur to sulfuric acid.

@Drew51 Could I just use acid mix ferts to help with ph instead of the sulfur? I was thinking of relying on the cottonseed meal. I use this for my blueberries and it seems to work good. I use the Down To Earth brand.

As far as the sulfur is concerned I was just going to follow the box. Should I half it?

Yes, let’s be safe. I would use it, a good idea and they can grow fine in a wide pH range, but grow a little better in slightly acidic conditions. Apply every 3 years. Unless you can test yearly, then decide based on the test. The food helps too. But you can use any fertilizer in a pinch. Fun to grow, good luck.
I do tend to use acid ferts as I grow blueberries too. I have killed 2 blueberries with too much sulfur. I discovered why they died when I checked the soil pH and it was 3.0. I was aiming for 4.5 and missed by half a mile! I now check levels yearly. A good commercial pH strip like MColorpHast strips are excellent. Amazon sells a number of different commercial types. Meant for liquids but after a rain one can bury the strip leave it sit five minutes in the wet soil. You get a reading I feel is fairly accurate.

Prelude is vigorous in San Diego. I planted one last year. It grew like crazy. Plant on the north side of a tree. Mulch to protect the roots.

Other varieties that did well:
Fall gold
Several others still getting tested. I suspect any variety will do well if you mulch, shade, and keep moist. That is not what is generally taught of course.

Here too, only Himbo Top is more vigorous. It’s a heavy producer too as is Himbo Top.

I like to have a multitude of berry types.

Other berries I like are the blackberry-raspberry hybrids like tayberries. Although they may taste different in different locations. Low acid, taste more like strawberry than blackberry or raspberry. Extremely different that’s for sure.

I like growing black raspberries too.
This is Lynn’s Black