Sandow apple

Has anyone grown this apple. Reported to be very good flavored, scab resistant, and good in the north. I’m thinking about grafting it this spring on g41. Help

Have you located a scion wood source? Here is a description of the apple If your looking for scions heres where you can find them If you need additional help just ask and we will try and give you a hand.

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Thanks for your help!

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Delayed response to this thread (coming via Google). Seed Savers likes this apple a lot, they say it is a high quality apple with a raspberry flavor and ripening mid-October. You can get it through SSE.


@scottfsmith, I recall from another old thread that you were going to graft Sandow a couple of years ago. Did that happen, and has it fruited for you yet? I’m thinking about grafting it myself, but first-hand experience with it has been hard to come by.

Yes, I think the comment I wrote above was when I was looking into it and I ended up getting it in 2016. It has not fruited yet, my vague memory is nothing on it this year. But its getting close to fruiting.

Walt Rosenberg of Masonville sells Sandow scions. I grafted it to wild rootstock, and it grew well last summer. However, with excess deer damage it didn’t survive winter. I’ll try it again on a dwarfing rootstock.

Thanks, guys. I may try it next season as well.

I looked up Masonville scionwood list, Sandow is not on it.

Maple Valley Orchards has it. @derekamills has it, too, though his graft is recent and may not be ready to share yet.

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Sorry to misdirect you, I did get Sandow from them in spring 2017.

No problem. They do offer a lot interesting scionwood. Always good to know about a new source.