Santa Anna pole beans

Anyone tried this variety? I was looking locally for anything besides Kentucky Wonder and Kentucky Blue and found this one. I delay planting my pole beans until the Japanese beetles are about half gone. They just started here in the middle of Missouri. Got my pole structure more or less ready and will wait a couple weeks to plant so the beans will hopefully not be at tempting heights before the creatures from heck begin to go on the wane. Figure to plant KW and KB and this one for a late season crop.

I had not seen a Japanese Beatle yet here in southwest Missouri, I thought maybe they all died :grinning:

Found them yesterday on the asparagus ferns and then shook a plum tree and there they were. I have no plums, peaches or cherries to protect this year due to lousy pollination, but if they are thick like the last several years I may have to spray to keep the damage down anyway. The asparagus ferns are covered with bees so no Sevin there.

I will check my roses tonight and see if they are eating the blossoms yet.

They hadn’t found the roses as of this morning, but they are devouring the blackberries. I’ll protect my fruit and nut trees if I can. Might attack them on the blackberries. They are wild-type berries although I planted them. Not too worried about them. When they find the wife’s roses I’ll be told to deal with them by SWMBO.

As to the pole beans, I think I’ll wait a couple weeks. Too hot for them now anyway.


None on the roses last night but I know it is just a matter of time