Santa Rosa and Black Ruby plums

Starting to harvest both of these and I must admit that those of
you that like Santa Rosa are starting to win me over. I used to
hate this plum, because of the tartness. Maybe the hot and dry
weather are enhancing the flavor, but the one I had straight from the tree this morning was very good, firm, crunchy, juicy, and very little tartness. I even picked a whole bag( something I would never do) and placed them in the refrigerator. I chill all of my fruit. To me cold fruit just tastes better.

These are the first Black Ruby’s I’ve ever harvested and I was pleasantly
surprised. Firm, crunchy, very juicy, good flavor with a hint of tartness
at the skin. Reminded me very much of a Black version of Santa Rosa.
You guys that like SR, should try this plum.


I agree that chilled fruit tastes better and is more enjoyable. But sometimes nothing beats pulling a piece of fruit from a tree and eating it out of hand.

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Ray, that’s another example of how great the variation is between your place and mine, even though we live minutes away from each other. The few plums that were on my Santa Rosa this year are just a memory now (lack of pollination). They finished up a couple of weeks ago.

First Ive heard of Black Ruby. Got my interest though because I really like Santa Rosa for sure.

I should know what they are like in a year or two.Ray sent me some scions,that were grafted to a Flavor Supreme. Brady

BR is a tall vigorous grower and would be good for a tight spot.