Sapling sleeves to protect grafts?

Ran across an ad in Craigslist today giving these away:

We see lots of these in the woods at reforestation projects, typically on fir or pine saplings. It occurred to me that they might be slipped over new grafts to discourage deer from eating the tender foliage.

Any thoughts? They’re giving away “a few hundred.” I could share!


I would say go for it. Also, it looks similar to the material fruit vendors use to put on their fruit like pears (esp. Asian) individually.
You can use it for that, too.


Boy, it sure does! I hadn’t thought of that.

If they still have them I’m possibly going to have lots, so I’ll send some to anybody who asks.

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I would be interested if the material is soft. If it is hard plastic, it would not be good use it to “wrap” fruit.

I’ve only ever seen it in use in the woods, and it appears softish; I’ve never handled it. I just sent the people a note saying I’m interested, and if they still want to give them out I’ll find out soon. Should I put you down for a couple of dozen?


Sure. Thanks.

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To me, those look like the bird netting that goes on the top of tree tubes , to keep blue birds , etc .from Getting in the tube , wher it cannot get out.

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Not familiar with that - may be the same thing, though.

Like this , I have some here.

If that’s what they are?
They slip over a 4-5 inch tree tube to keep the birds from falling in.
Not the same as the mesh tree protectors ?

Similar for sure, but the sapling sleeves are perhaps a foot long, and I think open up pretty wide before the tree just grows through them.

Haven’t heard back yet. Maybe too late.

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Still no response. I’ll keep you posted.