Saturn Peach Die Back

My Stark Saturn peach died back so only ~1/3 is still living, and I’d like to know why. This DWN tree was planted bare root 4 years ago. I cut it down to 15", and only 1 branch grew back, which I pulled up to be new trunk. We’ve only gotten a few fruit each year. This year it flowered nicely in early March, but all of a sudden 2/3 of the tree started loosing leaves and flowers dropped off. It is watered with greywater from bathroom sink water (as are a plum and pluot which are without issue). Any thoughts on how just part of the tree can die back? I’m in San Diego, CA about 15 miles inland.

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@trev3411 hope you don’t mind me posting the same question on your thread about my Illinois Everbearing Mulberry which is partially dead also with half of the scaffolds waking up and other are dead and I would really like to know why ? frost killed ? Ambrosia beetles ? nutrient deficiency ? etc etc.

I don’t know what happened. Have you heard about a Peach tree short life disease?

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No I have not. I did Google search looking for any University of CA references… and none.

Will you be able to contact your local extension service for consultation.

In CA, most/all county extension service staff serve commercial concerns and home issues are handed over to Master Gardeners. I’m a Master Gardener, so little I can do there.