Saturn Peach first bloom Zone 5

Picture of the first bloom of the season here in Zone 5. Over all I’m happy. Tree is loaded!!


Its hard to tell exactly from the picture, but that peach tree looks like it needs a lot of shoot thinning.

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Lol… look at this picture from about 2 weeks ago… this is what i had to take out from my grouping

Congratulations, Sean! The original Saturn Peach is one of my favorites.

Ditto: R.S. Martin p.63. :peach:

My Saturn was loaded with flower buds going into fall but winter took out probably 95% of them. It really wasn’t that cold here this winter…-12F or so …-10F a few times. I’m disappointed. I might have to dig it up and put it back into a pot like the rest of them. Its in a south facing location so maybe that didn’t help either… The remaining flowers should bloom here any day. I butchered mine back hard.