Scallions from seed

I have grown bulb onions from seed, but not scallions/green onions.

Is it worth starting early indoors, or is it best to direct-seed scallions, since you’re not worried about bulbing or day length?

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I direct seeded these last year - absolutely love them!

If you have weeds, transplant.

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I pull mine from planter beds and feed the rest Triclopyr.

They don’t compete well and take a while to get going, especially in the cold. You can seed 3-4 per cell, I plant them through black ground cover because I’ve got lots of weeds as well. I’d try and do a stale seedbed otherwise, early spring plantings are tough though because lots of weeds won’t germinate until it is warmer, I’ve never tried it but clear plastic might help with that.

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I always direct seeded mine. Did OK.

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We grow ours in a 32" x 32" partition of our vegie bed.

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I planted a bunch of chives in a garden spot and then one day while walking passed leaned down and ripped a bunch up (Thinking grass had moved into my garden). I was sad but the direct seeding did well.


I don’t specifically grow scallions that often. Mostly just plant my bulbing onions thickly and then harvest every other one as scallions as needed. Perhaps a true scallion fan would notice a difference, but I haven’t, and it has the advantage of putting any that you don’t need to good use as bulb onions…