Scarification and hydration

Good evening.

I am going to scarify some seeds tomorrow for the first time. A lot of seed starting instructions (for seeds not needing scarification), from what I have read, recommend soaking in water for 24 hours and then stratifying for the recommended amount of time. Would you still soak in water AFTER scarifying or just start the stratification process in a damp medium after scarifying?



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Hi Matt,
You did not say what type of seeds you plan to scarify which makes giving a vague answer a bit simpler…

A post-scarification soak or just being put directly into a moist growing medium would (A PURE GUESS ON MY PART) be equally beneficial.

When I prepare pepper seeds to germinate, I scarify them chemically.
10 minutes in a 10% “Clorox” solution. This also disinfects the seed-coat.

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