Scion wood in fridge

How long is Apple, pear or cherry scion wood good in the fridge if kept moist? I may not get to graft all my current supply and didn’t know if they’d make it to next year.

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they will not make it to next year unless you root them

I’ve had scion wood last 8 or 9 months but never 12. Can’t remember if it was plum or apple.

It will last a long time, but not a year. I have had plum look good a year later, but have never bothered to try and see if I could be successful with it.

I have read reports of apple wood lasting 2-3 years but it’s not the norm.

From personal experience apple scion can last a full year and I have used such scions with success. It’s not easy to store them right. Keeping them moist, as in moist paper towel is not the way to go. Storing them in bundles never worked for me either. Only individually wrapped scions with no additional moisture managed to survive a full year.