Grafting class held by local Extension Agent office, Blountville TN. There were probably 50 or more (Apple) varieties available. Multiple pear varieties and some Cherry too. Appreciate those who gathered and stored and made this available. I grabbed a few that sounded interesting… Myers Royal Limbertwig, Hawkeye Red Delicious, Northern Spy, Winter Banana, etc…


Heh, yeah… Some varieties they had a lot of scion wood available for…

@ wdingus Do you know of a cherry variety that will produce in your area? A while ago I read that they don’t do well around here

Hidden Springs sells a cherry tree they say does well in their area (Cookeville, TN)

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I have a Montmorency, Black Tartarian, and Stella Cherry. No idea if they’ll do good here or not. Only the Montmorency is mature enough to have had any fruit so far, just a handful last year.

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If I’d known about this I might have visited! (Any more this week or weekend?)

The grafting class I believe is just one day a year. Their website: Sullivan County

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I want some winter banana apple scions. Fire blight almost killed my 4 in one apple tree. I bought a crabapple tree. But it is still small. I want to use my flowering pear trees to grow some apples.