Scionwood Viability

I had some scionwood in the fridge I just checked and it has started to break dormancy. Should I graft it asap? The fridge is a backup one that seldom gets used. At what point would you toss it?

What kind is it and what are your trees outside doing?

The chance of take will be less when the scion buds break. If your climate allows you to graft then you should do it as soon as you can. Some varieties are more forgiving than others. One time, I had a scion that starting to break dormancy and I wanted this variety real bad and the weather outside was too cold for grafting. I had no choice but to bring the potted rootstock indoor and bark grafted it. It was successful but a little extra work by moving it around different windows for sunshine. Good Luck.


Quill grafting them before your host tree or rootstock is capable of feeding it, will be of no advantage. I would think it would be better to keep it in the fridge for now at least until your trees have broke.
I would graft asap though when the time is right.

Thanks for your responses. They are all apples and I’ll have a chance to get some of them in a dormant state in the near future. I will graft of mine what I can’t find elsewhere. I was surprised to find them out of dormancy since there is nothing else in the fridge. I guess low temps are very important.

All of my potted apple trees are from green tips to open clusters. I’m in 8b in W WA. The Lapins cherry is in full bloom. I hope my mason bees wake up in a hurry.