Scott's apple variety experiences through 2018


I put in 5 Ribston Pippin this last spring and another 5 Cox Orange Pippin. Hoping that the Cox does well. I’ve only tried it on one occasion but what an experience I had sampling that Cultivar.


I have a Pink Lady apple tree planted in 2017. This is the first year with a considerable amount of fruit even though the tree is still small. My question is when do the Pink Lady apples get their reddish blush ? These are more green, but judging from their size and the fact that it’s September I think they may be ripe.


Pink Lady here don’t ripen until November (if they make it at all). Your zone is warmer but it still sounds like you should wait longer.


Here are a few pictures. I am in zone 10. Will they get the characteristic reddish blush when they are ripe?


Here in 5a/b, Ribston has done very well. Large semi russeted, sweet/tart, apples. I will be regrafting more as my tree fell victim to a wind storm.:frowning:


My Ribston Pippin trees took a girdling along with a number of my other trees from my friendly local rabbits this past winter and it sure did throw a turd in the punch bowl lol… I gotta keep the faith with them though because they seem to have bounced back from the cutting of the central leaders on them I had to do to make them grow better.


For me, Pink Lady apples start coloring up in October and I harvest them around New Year. I’m in Zone 9b.