Scotts Stone Fruit Experiences Through 2022

I didn’t have good luck until I started to make a barrier all around the tree - use long strips that get within a foot or two from the ground and have one every couple feet around the tree so it is a bit like a fence. That seems to raise their anxiety levels enough. Also get it up well before any fruit gets near ripe, once they have tasted the forbidden fruits there is no stopping them.


Would you consider this a candidate for no spray growing? I really, really don’t like the idea of spraying pesticides, and I’m pretty tolerant of blemishes. Many peaches just won’t survive to ripen without pesticide.

For reference, I don’t spray anything on my Montmorency cherries. I’ll soak them in water before going into pies or canning. Whatever gets missed is extra protein that won’t impact flavor.

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It’s hard to say without trying, but it gets fewer bugs/diseases than my Montmorency and they both get the same spray regimen… so it sounds like it could be up to your standards. It really is cooking-only, great in recipes but not so exciting fresh.

Perfect! I really just want it for jam/canning.

Great information! Much appreciated!