Seaberry Pollination

Hi y’all,

Checked out a female seaberry in the way back of my forest garden today, does this look like fruit set to you all? Or unfertilized fruit set? :thinking:


It certainly is an advance from the bloom stage, but too early to tell if the berries will continue to swell and color. Are there males in the area with post-mature blooms?

From what I’ve seen unpollenated would have mostly fallen off by that stage with only a few still hanging on so yours are probably pollenated.

There are males in the area, but they are small and only a few years old… not sure what to look for in terms of post mature blooms.

Thank you Johann! I hope they swell into mature fruits, I will update the forum if/when that happens. Funny enough I purchased plants from you in 2020 for this very same forest garden :slight_smile: small world

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Yes, a shake or gentle brushing of the fruit would cause many of them to fall if unpollinated.

Spent male blooms will look like tiny coin purses with several wide-open compartments.
By this date the pollen should be long-gone, else a tap would cause pollen to fly.