Seed displays are tempting

This time of the year it is difficult for me to pass by the seed displays without purchasing at least one or two packets. Then I go home and goggle each just to realize that there are better varieties to grow. I’m also a sucker for the youtube videos and what they suggest. I had a hard time tracking down the 42 day tomato Little Bean (youtube) was promoting. Yes I do fall for the latest and greatest when it is cold outside. About half of these will never be planted.



Hope the weather warm up soon so you can be outside digging the garden and not spend time watching the YouTube. There are a lot of fake videos on YouTube.


Rural King last year had their seeds buy one get one free… not sure if that will happen again.

Last year Dollar General had a nice little rack of heirloom seed but only very few dollar generals had the rack. I live in a farming community and everyone has a garden just about. No racks of them in my area at all. The racks were at the high volume DG in the city… where nobody grows anything.

Walmart has little racks of offbrand seeds that are not with the big Ferry Morse seeds… usually on the sides of aisles… i have had good luck with those seeds and they are cheap.

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a local salvage discount store has heirloom seeds for $1 a pack and .25 a pack off season. im like Bill i cant help myself. i put them in freezer bags and store in the freezer.

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Youtube and plant descriptions always sound wonderful. I had to stop watching weird explorer because I ended up wanting to try every fruit he tried but a few. Many of these fruit reviews on YouTube are sponsored or run by nurseries so that does not help. I used to get enticed by the seed displays but I ended up switching to perennial fruits and nuts and seed displays do not have many perennial I want. I also have most perennials so I have very little space to grow these seed packets anyway.

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