Seed Organizer

After years of stuffing all my seed packets randomly in shoe box, I finally found a way to organize them and thought I’d share.

I got the idea off of YouTube, it’s a case made for storing photos, works perfectly for seed packs.


That is a great idea! I have a wall cabinet in my garage that I use to store all my seeds but it is nowhere near as organized as this :+1:

Mine are in card files that I am rethinking - this is so much easier!

That is indeed a great organization job. I am asking here, not telling - would having seeds in an enclosed case like that cause any issues with germination due to lack of airflow? I have noticed that all of the seed packets I buy are made of paper, is there a reason for that instead of plastic bags? I feel like plastic would be an easier way unless there is some drawback?

I believe seed packages are made of paper to allow moisture to escape.

I have a similar setup for storing my seeds, except it is one plastic box with dividers instead of multiple plastic boxes. I buy those little dessication packages like they put in shoe boxes to make sure it stays dry inside.

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