Seeded fuyu

we often buy seeded coffeecake in local market but rarely do we see any seeded fuyu. my chocolate didnt develope the true dark flesh and looks seedless. the taste i dont think will be as good. im still waiting im about 2 weeks away from harvesting. i believe it will just taste like any other astrigent persimmon. and out of the 20 fuyus i harvest only 2 of them had seeds all the rest had a light tint its pollinated but were still seedless. the flavor wasn’t as better from being seeded. i understand that chocolate is self pollinating. i just dont understand why it didnt pollinate itself? it should have dark flesh cross pollination or self pollination. it is first time it fruited for me so i dont know much. im just comparing to others who have a correctly pollinated chocolate. it had a lot of male flowers roughly 80% make flowers and of the females it mostly didnt drop any. but the fruits were extremely small. how others can share their experience with their chocolate persimmon either it by itself or growing with other asian persimmons.

and anyone have any experience with seeded fuyu i usually dont hear too much about it. please share your experience. thank you!


My Chocolates have always been seeded. Maybe the tree needs to mature before it will pollinate itself.

My Fuyu types usually have seeds in them, thanks to various persimmons with male flowers that I grow. I have never been able to compare a seeded vs unseeded for flavor since they all have seeds.


thank you the reply Scott! i think i read chocolate does take some time to even produce fruits! so i take what i can get. fruits better than none at all. i think next year should be better when it does get dark flesh. its just ofd that it didnt pollinate itself this year. : )

i had seedless fuyu last year with some of my fuyu so i was able to compare them to the seeded ones same tree same fruit seeded. but its not accurate test due to the late ripening season. my trees are too young it will be better once they mature.

I don’t think your coffeecake persimmon will ever have dark flesh even when pollinated. In my experience both Cioccolatino (chocolate persimmon) and Nishimura Wase (coffeecake persimmon) do not show the dark flesh around the seeds if the tree is grown in an region where summer heat is absent.
In my orchard both varieties yield very nice fruit but the dark coloring is absent. I live in Europe, hardiness zone 8b and summer temps are between 22°C and 32°C with extremes up to 38°C during some days but on average I would say 24°C during summer days. This is just not warm enough for the dark coloring to develop… I presume the climate in Seattle is quite comparable…
Of course that doesn’t mean that the fruit quality is not good. Another side effect of absence of summer heat is that PVNA fruit often does not loose astringency even when completely seeded.


wow very helpful information! exactly what im seeking for. my coffeecake turned out nicely it also ripens two weeks ahead of chocolate. the little darkness in coffeecake made it taste comparible to market. but my chocolate is nothing like i expected. this is a really cool short summer. i think next year ill be able to compare. you are correct our climate conditions are very much similar. i do need much more heat than PNW can give. thank you for sharing!