Just bought a seeder. Was wondering if anyone has any experience with one of these or a similar one. I watched some videos and they seem very stout and long lasting and versatile.

Jang JP-1 - Push Seeder | Johnny's Selected Seeds

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I have one similar works great. I have several seed wheels for it.

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I bought the mixed 5 pack. Saved some money and got a variety I think will do the job . I’m venturing into a few acres of growing and wanted to still get some good exercise! Thanks…

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I never seem to get high enough germination to have that kind of equipment, I would have a lot of gaps.

There is a bar on mine that drops down and marks a line so you can get the distance between rows. It works well as I’m bad at straight lines!! LOL

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Love the seeder!

Will it handle a small hand-full of seeds or does the seed hopper need to be close to full?

Anyone planted Zinnia seeds with a push seeder?

It will handle pretty much as few as you need from my watching videos on it. I haven’t gotten in my hands yet so I’m working on what I’ve seen and read …

How did your seeder work out for you? I have close to 8000 sq ft of veggie garden and I’m tired of planting by hand.

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