Seedling apple in winter


This little apple is still holding onto its leaves. It has been pretty cold here , multiple freezes and down to 13 once I am a little surprised to see them still so green, I think I will stick some EMLA 7 on this in the spring


My seedling peach tree still got leaves too. I read an explanation from Olpea in another thread once. This is what he said

“I’ve noticed this is largely dependent on the amount of nitrogen they receive vs. their need. For peach trees, trees heavily fertilized hold their leaves longer, as do younger peach trees generally. I suspect the younger peach trees hold their leaves longer because they are getting more of their N needs met, while older trees require more N and, in many cases, probably aren’t getting as much N, on a “needs” basis.”

In case you were wondering why…


Very interesting, thanks for posting, I missed that .


Two weeks of below freezing temps for highs and and some below zero lows and the little seedling still has few green leaves


That’s crazy there are no leaves on any trees here.


It’s a hardy little bugger isn’t it, lol, I probably cut it off and put an emla 7 on top in the spring. Emla have a week root system so I thought I would try some as an interstem on seedling roots


I had a honeycrisp apple seedling was doing the same but not anymore after this cold spell.


This could be a honey crisp, all of my seedlings are from apples I eat


@Derby42 is your seedling Apple tree coming out of dormancy while everything else is still dormant ?
I’m asking because my peach seedling that I was talking about up thread is showing green already. Rest of my peaches are still sleeping, only thing showing bud break is flavor supreme. But the seedling peach is green!
I wonder if this also has to do with getting their nitrogen needs met?


No that one was slow going to sleep