Selecting scaffolds (pruning advice)


My PF25 peach. First season.

Grew like gangbusters.


Need pruning advice. I want to keep four (maybe 3?) scaffolds.

So the thick one on the left side is very large, and vertical, and probably needs to go. One of the two medium sized ones on the top-right side will go and one will stay.

The other thick one on the left (Under the first one) is OK, but I’ll cut back to a lateral.

The thick one on the right is probably too large to keep, it has no good laterals to cut back to unless I go out about three feet, although I could possibly head it back to a bud.

Or should I keep the really spindly one at the bottom of the pic? It’s in a great spot but so WEAK looking!

It has flower buds set, though.



I know the basic concept, I’m just wondering if I should choose the really spindly but well-placed scaffold at the bottom of the picture, or the one that’s a little too thick to it’s right, and then maybe cut it way back and try to keep it from over growing the others.


I prefer scaffolds at different elevations and about 120° angles from each other.


I can’t get quite get the 120° angles, but if I select four at 90° angles, I can get a pretty good distribution.


Good choice. :slight_smile: