Separating Passion Fruit Vines

I bought a Frederick passion fruit vine from a big box store. Looking closely at it, they planted two vines in the container. So my question is, should I:

  1. Plant in the ground as is?
  2. Try to separate the roots of the two vines and plant them separately? Will the plants tolerate this as there will be some root damage.
  3. Prune away the smallest vine? I’d like to have two vines if possible, but I can always take a cutting next spring from the 'survivor '.
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It’s possibly two vines but more likely a shoot from the trunk below the soil line.

Frederick is vigorous. If I were to go exploring, I’d remove it from the container under shade and then rinse soil off the roots with a hose. If there are two trunks with their own roots then pull the rootballs apart while applying water. Some damage will occur. After replanting, prune each vine back a bit to compensate for the root damage.

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Richard, thank you! I’ll most likely give this a try next weekend.

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