September Ruby Apple?

Any experience with September Ruby – flavor / storage / texture? Don3a, what do you think of it (other than the insect/disease problem you had this year – What's wrong with my apples and how do I prevent it next year?)? It gets good reviews from Canada and Alaska.

When not impacted by insect/disease, I really like this apple. The taste might be like a cross between red delicious and gala, and it has crisp flesh and stores a very long time. My tree is now about 25 years old and is no more than 12 feet tall, so it seems semi-dwarf. On the down side, it does seem susceptible to apple scab, the fruit size is small (a plus or a minus depending on the individual), the tree has a strong tendency to set very heavily one year and then virtually nothing the next year. This year was the “heavy set” year on my tree, and even though I tried thinning them as best I could, the set was so heavy on an upper branch I couldn’t reach that the weight of fruit broke a main branch. That happened once before, some years ago.