Serenade/Monterey Complete Disease Control for Fire Blight

Just curious if anyone on the list has any experience using these products for fire blight control. Serenade is now discontinued, but Monterey Complete Disease Control appears to be the same product.

Although I do use Kocide, this is looking to be a bad fire blight year, and I am looking for some alternative treatments, especially ones which can be used on new leaf growth.


The window for fireblight treatment is from bud swell to bud break / green tip.

The most stringent treatment for fireblight Iā€™m aware of is copper manzate (Kocide 3000, Manzate Pro Stick). The dosages for the mixture are in the Manzate Pro Stick label. Note: this product is a bactericide + surfactant.

If you also want apply Agri-Mycin, do it a few days before the above ā€“ do not mix them.