Sergeant Russet apple, anyone heard of it?

A while back, someone sent me scionwood labeled Sargent Russet.
I did not even bother to look it up as I know there are many russeted apples. This year, the graft produced a few nice looking russeted apples. The taste was nice but mild.

At first I could not figure out which branch the apple fell from. Yesterday, I was able to track it to the graft with a tag that said “Sargent Russet”.

So, I looked it up. There is no such a thing as a Sargent or even Sargeant Russet apple.

What do you think it is?


It looks very similar to my Razor Russets.

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I think it’s this one:
PI 589125 Sergeant Russet Golden Delicious

Both Sergeant Russet and Razor Russet are russet sports of Golden Delicious.


Michigan State Univ makes note of it as a cider production apple with the same accession # and they note an average brix of 15.6 and late harvest date. They also list it as “Sergeant Russet Golden Delicious”.

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Thank you @Stan, @AndySmith and @Chikn.

Sergeant Russet Golden Delicious it is.

@Chikn - your Razor Russet is closely related. My first one (pic above) dropped a bit early so it was not that sweet. Tomorrow I will take another pic of another Sergeant Russet.

Looks like @AdamPipsqueak grows this one and rates it as one of his favorites on his nursery website.