Serviceberry for North Carolina

Good morning. I’m looking for a serviceberry / saskatoon / juneberry for growing in the NC Piedmont, zone 7b. My first concern is health and low maintenance of the plant, fruit quality in this case is secondary. Suckering is not a problem for me. Can anyone in the area weigh in? I believe most of our native “sarvis” occurs in the colder mountain areas of the state. Thanks!

I planted a amalanchier “cumulus” in Charlotte around 2006…that is now as tall as a 2-story home. A couple limbs were removed for touching the house…otherwise it has grown spectacularly planted on the north side about 7 feet from the house.
Fruit are no good, due to cedar apple rust. Bought it in Rock Hill SC.
That’s a hybrid.
The “Autumn Brilliance” or similar hybrids should do well, too.

But, yes, in the mountains you have 2 or 3 species. They will probably all work in the Piedmont.

Just don’t try the amelanchier alnifolia (Saskatoons). They are for places like Saskatchewan and Fargo and Duluth and Billings!

Edible Landscaping used to offer A.obovata “Jennybelle”, reputedly a ‘Southern’ species.
I’ve had it growing here for 25 yrs, 70 mi. NW of Nashville TN…performance no better than most alnifolia/stolonifera types and not as good as some. Fruits sparsely, small dry berries, and is heavily afflicted with a fungal leaf spot every year
Definitely not as good as A.laevis or various A.x grandiflora types.

Best ones I’ve grown were cheap row-run grandiflora seedlings from defunct Bear Creek Nursery.
Have a dozen or so various seedling selections from OIKOS Tree Crops in bloom right now; been in the ground 4-5 yrs… will see shortly how the fruits are.

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in the humid south the disease pressure will be bad for this tree. id definitely try to find a southern species. even here in rainy springs and humid summers i need to spray mine to get decent crops and keep the leaves from falling due to rust. we have a lot of white cedar here.

Thanks! I was looking at the Saskatoons from HoneyberryUSA because I was already placing an order there. I will look elsewhere, then. This was useful.

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I agree…hated to see Carlton Plants buy up Bear Creek Nursery.

like lucky mentioned oikios has a good selection. id contact him directly for a recommendation for your area.

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