Serviceberry rust(s)

I have some rust(s?) on my serviceberry (presumed a seedling A. canadensis) I thought were worth sharing.

I think this is Quince rust. I’ve seen it a lot this year.

Maybe Serviceberry rust? Swollen twig and misshapen leaves.

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I’ve heard they are seceptable to cedar-Apple rust

I’ve not seen it here, but did a few years back in Traverse City.


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I’ve seen the former around here, especially on the ones in shady spots. Orange crust on mummy berries.

Did you join the mob for the annual cherry festival ? Going to be a nightmare as they are having it this weekend ( the weekend of the forth of July) this year !
BTW the serviceberries get a lot of blight around here many years.

I actually went for 4 days to get CPR, AED and first aid certified. I was on a strict timeline and had I not driven the 4+hours there I would have had to take 3 more classes to complete my teaching certification.

Reading/literature classes when I already had a BA/BS (literature/mathematics)

I was there the week before cherry festival and being a gardener I wanted to visit a cherry farm, but the cherries weren’t ripe yet and they were all too busy for visitors. Looking back it was probably more than a decade ago at this point


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I found a lot of bright orange spots on both the leaves and the berries (Serviceberry) in the middle of May. I guess this is the only one I foto’d. The others were plain; this looks like an alien creature.