Seuri Li pear - first harvest

Here’s half of my first Seuri Li harvest.

It had set 4 pears, I think this is the 2nd or 3rd spring it has flowered since I grafted it to my Hosui tree.

I picked one about 3 weeks ago, which was way too early. Today I tried another and it had that Juicy Fruit flavor I’ve mentioned before, haven’t tasted it in any other variety, so I know I got the right scion.

That flavor wasn’t uniform throughout the pear, it was much more prominent on one side. That first one had some damage, hopefully these two are equally ripe. I didn’t want to take my chances in leaving them out any longer.


Very nice Jafar! Those are far from common so its nice to see them! Thanks for posting the pictures! Im looking forward to growing Seuri Li your description makes them sound appealing!

It is one of the oddest pears. I posted some descriptions of mine here: odd flavor, odd looks, odd habit of rotting inside out like Euros. Mine didn’t look nice like that, they were all bumpy on the surface. My hot climate may not be any good for them; I removed my graft last year.

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This next one I just ate only had a hint of the Juicy Fruit in the aftertaste, maybe it comes when very ripe. The ones I tried at the repository were the clingers, and pretty soft.

I like it though. The texture is gritty, flavor is good.

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Yeah, maybe it’s s climate thing, or possibly a different cultivar. These show no signs of rotting inside, they look great and the bugs and birds mostly left them alone while my apples are getting murdered. Maybe because there were only a few of these.

They were also significantly bigger than the undersized Hosui and Chojuro on the same tree.

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I am pretty sure mine are the same variety, the shape and stem are unusual. Also they are much larger than most Asians. They only brown inside if you store them for awhile.