Sevin dust

can I use seven dust on corn and peppers and tomatoes does anybody else use it , thanks

I’ve used it in the past.

Look up what brand you got, find the name, and then search for that plus ‘label’. You’ll be able to read about how it acts on all sorts of edibles.

I still use it on my grape clusters, because they grow where my bees don’t sit or forage. The liquid is supposed to be safer for bees, so I’m switching to that for any use around flowers. My orchard has clover too close for my tastes for the dust. I spot spray insecticides there, just around the fruit, so dripping is confined and no blooms underneath.

ok thanks, i was thinking about using on grapes also, So it doesnt hurt the plant and the chemicals are safe?


I use it if it’s the only thing that I have available at the time that will work. I use at or after dusk (even with a flashlight) to minimize danger to bees.

There are some things only Sevin really kills IME.

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