Share a bag of Imidan?

Hello everyone,
I have been using Triazicide for 2 years now and I’m getting tired of paying retail prices for it since the active ingredient is so low.
I can get 5 pounds of Imidan from my local CPS and I am wondering if any of you are close to me and would like to split a bag. 5 pounds is just too much for me. I think it would take 5-6 years to use it all.
Looks like its about $70 for a bag.
I live near Ann Arbor, MI

I already have it Ribs, but FWIW, Imidan is light years better at PC control. I have virtually no stings this year, in fact, I don’t have any that I can say for sure are PC stings. That’s in stark contrast to all other years. PC damage has been reduced by at least 80% and all the while with about 1/3 less applications. You’ll like how it works, but definitely not how it smells.

Sad to say the smell of spraying Imidan early in the morning is perfume to me. I guess I have smelled it too often as I actually like the smell. Much more pleasant than some of the “scented” soaps the wife
has in our home.

I know this sounds sick but the smell brings back memories of working at a certain orchard when I was just out of college. Besides I can laugh instead of curse at Plum curculio when spraying in June for

How difficult is this stuff to use? I have heard it is a PITA. Can you just scoop 1T per gallon into your sprayer, add water and go, or do you need to premix with water or what. How fine is the powder. I have just heard it is difficult to handle

Also, surprised no one near me wants to split a bag.

How often does Imidan have to be sprayed? Is it the same as pyrethroid or can you go longer? I’d love to use it…but my kids have to grow up a little more.

Ribs…I’m also surprised nobody has wanted to split a bag with you. If someone who has more or less trees wants to split it would be better to do a 3-2 split since the product is packaged in 1 lb. water soluble bags. Then you could just do a 3-2 price split + shipping or whatever.
As far as being a PITA to use, I’ve said that, but it’s really not. It’s no different than mixing WP Sevin or Sulfur or whatever, although it is a bit lighter than the aforementioned. What makes it worse really is just the smell, and for me, the knowing that you are dealing with a much more powerful product.
I strongly suggest you give it a try, none of the OTC stuff holds a burnt out candle to it, in fact, for PC I don’t know if there is anything legal that works as well from my study, which extends well beyond this forum. Efficacy charts are easy to find and it rates well for all the really bad guys. If you read up on it you’ll find it is one of the most widely used agricultural insecticides and is used everywhere in the world, for now at least.

Yep…just dump the measured amount in the tank and add water…it mixes very easily and sprays extremely well with no clogging or sediment in the bottom of the tank when done. No issues in this regard whatsoever. No premixing necessary at all, I wouldn’t even think it advisable. One thing that should be mentioned is adjusting the ph of your water, though this is not exclusive to Imidan. I bought cheap ph test strips (I assume just litmus paper) on ebay for 79 cents including shipping for 80 strips. I adjusted mine for the first time today. Captan apparently recommends this as well…so does many other fungicides/insecticides. I used white vinegar and next time will use generic lemon juice. It only takes a very small amount.

Ribs, I’m probably the one who has posted about it being a PITA and I shouldn’t have. It’s definitely nicer to work with WDG (which I initially thought was BS) like Captan 80 or whatever because it’s so clean you can probably safely handle it with your hands, in fact, I did just today. I haven’t ever seen Imidan in WDG, but they may have it and if not, I wish they did.
The WDG stuff is the bomb. The WP works just fine though. Wear a cheap dust mask if you’re concerned…I do.

oh…I should add that the smell has grown on me too, just like Spartan says. Make no mistake though…it’s nasty. Worse than Malathion, but I don’t think it holds it’s stink on the trees as long as Malathion does though.

Thanks for the advise Appleseed.
What is WDG? Granules?

Can I legally ship this stuff? Maybe I would have a better chance of splitting with someone if I can ship it?

I did not say anything because I wasn’t quite close enough but I’ll share it with you if you can ship.

Hi Daemon,
Please send me a pm.
I’ll look into the legalities of shipping.

WDG = Water Dispersible Granules…yes.

I’d say you can legally ship it, but I’m certainly not the last word on legality issues. KPS ships it, so unless they have a special license to do so, I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t.
I think I remember someone saying the label must be with the package in it’s entirety, so you’d have to photocopy it or whatever. That’s actually a good idea to do anyway for a variety of reasons. I guess the gov’t wants to make sure usage data and poison control stuff stays with the product…a very reasonable thing.

Just checked with USPS and UPS today. Neither will allow me to ship Imidan. Looks like you have to be a business with a special permit to ship it.
I guess I’m back to looking for someone close by.

Did either of them even know what Imidan is ribs?

Both looked up the msds label which states the DOT classification as a hazmat substance. USPS said no altogether.
UPS said I could ship Imidan if I set up an account with them as a business and applied for a hazmat permit. Even then I could only ship in the original packaging.

that’s a bummer.