Sharing a couple of blueberry pics

Our container Bluecrop had an overloaded branch. It was relieved of most of it’s burden yesterday :smile:


Great looking berries and huge too. How do they taste?

I’m no Blueberry expert, but I think they taste about average. I wait as long as possible before picking, it seems they sweeten the longer they are left on.

Yes, I leave mine on a long time. It’s hard to tell when perfectly ripe. Often I pick one and notice the berry is not ripe. Looked ripe till I got it close to my old eyes! Make sure where attached to the stem is all blue. What I do is pull slightly, if fully ripe they give, if not I leave them.

One way I was told to get ripe blueberries is not “pick” them. Instead, cup one hand (or hold your container) under the cluster and place the other around the cluster and gently stroke downward. The really ripe ones should fall. It’s quicker than individually judging ripeness and plucking them one at a time.

Ya that gets you ripe berries. Also totally green ones.

Maybe. When there is a lot to harvest my back appreciates the efficiency. I’ve never had an issue with getting more than a few green berries in bucket unless there is a small child helping.

I have 10 varieties of blueberries. One of them the berries fall off if you look at them, even before they are completely blue.

This yr I harvested almost all of mine using your method. So I’m not knocking it. But I had to wait until most of the berries were ripe or many under ripe ones came along for the ride. But then again for some reason the berries this yr on many varieties were like the one Murky pointed out. The berries fell off with much less force than prior yrs even the green ones.

I too do the grasp and pull, I do try and wait for the entire bunch to turn blue, but I probably harvest less than 1% unripe berries. This works well with varieties that have smaller berries like Northland and Coville.

I also noticed some varieties pulled off, what seemed like, with little on no tug, most noticeable on Jewel and Jersey.

Yes, my Jewel dropped berries like I’ve never seen before. You didn’t even have to touch the plant and they dropped. I probably lost 1/3 before trying to harvest.