Sharing is ... Caring about scions

Share a photo and comment about a successful graft with the person who shared the graft with you.


You are just great! :+1:

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My daughter is a school therapist and her mantra this week was sharing is caring. She must have said it a hundred times to her kids as we vacationed together. Combine that with the desire to know how grafts that were shared are doing. We certainly do that here or there but it would be nice to have a dedicated place.

@Luisport , I shared a pic of my Baja Marisa which even flowered first year. It’s on Dula Beauty and the only graft on this tree from Century farms.


Thank you so much for your caring. For me it’s very important to share varieties that i consider to be really good. It’s a way to spread special nature beauties and to ensure that it will continue to spread and will not be lost! :+1:


I had five scions of Goldrush from @PomGranny, and every one had blooms the first year. I was really surprised.


I think apple blossoms are my favorite. I never realized that they were so pretty. :heartpulse:

I had several successful grafts using scions from forum members.

Wealthy and Granny 2022
Granny Smith from @Rosdonald and Wealthy from @marknmt (I got Wealthy from 2 different people - and I think this one is Mark’s.) These are on a Pink Lady dwarf.

Butirra Precoce Morretinni Pear Graft - Fullplate
Butirra Precoce Morretinni from @fullplate. I put 1 of these on 2 different pear trees.

Montrose Apricot Graft - Cafeaulait
A Montrose Apricot grafted onto a Santa Rosa plum tree from @Cafeaulait .
I will be very curious to see if we can get apricots! Our plum trees aren’t all that great . . . so I’m trying different things on them!

@Rosdonald’s Loring Peach scions on my Indian Free Peach. Thanks, Regina!

Monark Apple Graft 2022
@MikeC sent Monark apple scions. They are doing well on my Goldrush.

Several more to show . . . but have to get their photos! Thanks to everyone who traded/sent scions to me. :grin: