Shark teeth plums?

Shark teeth plums?


Wickson is shaped like that, but I’m not sure if it ever gets that red.

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They’re cute whatever they are, Ulises. How do they taste?

Raintree nursery had similar plum with the name Luisa.

I think you are right, I did some research online and they appear to be Wickinson plums.

They were somewhat sweet, but nothing special.

@itheweatherman Actually, you might want to research Lemon Plum. Unfortunately there is conflicting information on the internet about its origin. One page referenced a Lemon Plum developed by Israel, but most references are to Lemon Plums that are native to South America. Some believe it is the same fruit Luther Burbank brought to the US as Inca Plum. Since Wickson is a Burbank plum, there might be a connection. Now I wonder if the Israeli Sharktooth plum came from this South American plum.

Anyhow, this Lemon Plum is sometimes called the Chameleon plum because it changes color from green to yellow to orange to red as it ripens (even off the tree apparently).

@Antmary Yeah, the Luisa plum looks similar. It is from New Zealand. I wonder if all these similar looking plums have a connection.