Sherwood Jujube is great!

Took a long time to bear, I planted in 2010, and am getting a light crop for the first time. Large, same as Li. Taste same level as Winter Delight though slightly different


pretty good, right? That it was named here actually adds to the charm. Sherwood was reportedly a stow-away seedling of chance parentage that got mixed with a delivery of camellias from china, so even if it was from china, it is possible the cultivar does not exist there!

How long did it take for yours to bear? My 7 year old tree just started, and I have a 4 year old tree that’s done nothing. Also a poster close to Houston said theirs took 8 years. For Roger Meyer and JFE it bore quickly.

ours took two years, but haven’t been fruiting much and not as fast-growing. Only ga-866 and 1183 are stingier. Will be grafting more on higher branches next year to see if that will help.