Shipova pear - a rooster tree?

The Shipova seems to be a cross between a mountain ash and a pear. The fruit may not impress you with its smaller fruit size even thought it’s reportedly very good. What stands out to me is it’s rooster like properties Does anyone grow this variety? It looks like it can pollinate almost any pear. Burntridege reports the pollinators are Bosc, Comice, Orcas so I’m not sure I understand It sounds like it might not be feasible since it has a tendency to get fireblight at some locations The original plant was apparently found growing on the grounds of the Museum of Natural History in Paris in 1834

What does rooster like mean?

I think you liked my previous thread on them before, if I’m understanding correctly from that slideshow Shipova is triploid and won’t pollinate anything. I had seen Seckel mentioned as a pollinator, something about bloom time maybe?

EDIT: Apparently I’m remembering things wrong, according to Raintree only Red Clapps and Bosc will pollinate it.

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I misread the chart ampersand " If the intersecting square is red, it will not pollinize". You know how gold delicious will pollinate nearly any apple? I’m looking for that in a pear.

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