Shipping apple scion

How much does scion shipping affects viability? I would like to hunt down a few oddball cold-hardy-early-fruiting-hard-cider varieties to add to the herd. I’ll also collect some of my own scion in case somebody wants some.



As long as scions are shipped in cold weather you won’t have any problems with them being viable. Give them a diluted bleach and water dip before you use them. Would try to get scions from one source if you can.

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People ship scions all the time. Choose a week when weather forecast is free of extreme events (like an arctic vortex, snowstorms, etc.).

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Shipping during “cold weather” is subjective. I wouldn’t even think about cutting scions until late February at the earliest here. In more temperate areas, that would be late and many trees would already have swelling buds.

I figure it’s no different than a tree experiencing a few warm days in winter. We usually experience a January thaw here in upstate NY, after which it returns to frigid, sub-zero temps. Check with me at the end of Feb / early march, I have a lot of cider varieties and I’m in Z4a.