Shiranui Mandarin cuttings available- limited supply this week

I just received a (pricey!) 4 gallon Shianui Mandarin from Tomorrow’s Harvest. I will be growing in ghouse as espalier and will be cutting off some crossing branches to fit its frame. Hate to toss these cuttings! If anyone is good at grafting citrus to rootstock (see Growing Citrus from Cuttings – Rooting and Grafting Citrus in One Step - YouTube) you may be interested in these cuttings. The above video shows the Z grafting method and follow-up growing environment.
The plant has its phytosanitary certificate and is still in its pot. If you want to give it a try, PM me.
I will send cuttings for cost of mailer, postage, plus $5. . Within a week, I will be transplanting to soil and I would assume no longer disease free.
I assume it is legal to offer these cuttings - but if you think otherwise, please advise.


Once it’s in your location, I think quarantine rules apply. Not sure about your location but I’m sure that’s true about California.

Hmmm. Cuttings have been spoken for - no more available.