Shiro Plum, Starking Plum, Northstar cherry spraying routines for the southeast?

Hello all, new member here. Was thinking of installing some plum and cherry trees this fall and was wondering if this spray routine would be suitable to ensure the long living of my fruit trees,

I was thinking about spraying copper, serenade, and a baking powder dish soap fungicide once every three weeks alternatively, obviously not all mixed together but each one independently once every three weeks. I was even going to spray during the dormant season, I’ve read that copper can build up in the soil so I was hoping this was ok?

also wondering if the plums need to be sprayed at all

also wondering if there was any pest concerns were available for the south and if there was an organic alternative available

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It might help if you could note your location.

Raleigh, NC


Have your read this Low Impact Spray Schedule (old version).

It looks like you want to lean toward low spray, you may find a lot of answers on this thread.

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Thank you.

You did not ask but I share this with you anyway :slight_smile:

I have Shiro and Satsuma. Satsuma tastes better but also smaller in size. Shiro is very precocious and cold hardy. You may be able to find other better tasting J plum than Shiro in your zone.

If you want Satsuma scion for grafting next year, let me know.

beautiful, I love that word precocious.

I like Shiro enough but it appears those who eat more J plum think it is not that good. I like mine.

I like ours, too, and we never have any trouble giving away extra fruit, jam, and cobbler.

Shiro is larger and juicer than Satsuma. It is not as sweet. The size and juiciness made up for it. Cold hadiness and precocity is a bonus for a cold zone like mine.


Lots of folks like the real sweet yellow plum called Lavina. Have you try to graft one.The Lavina scion I got was bad so I will look for another source.


I have a few J plums including Lavina grafted last year. From the pics, Lavina has almost the same yellow color as Shiro. It has a seam that Shiro does not. I think most of my J plum will be toasted again this year.

E plums bloom later so far, buds are still quite dormant. I may get some fruit this year for the first time. J plums may have fewer disease issues but what’s the point if they get wiped out annually :angry:

Its been a few years since you posted this. I’m curious what you ended up finding out worked best for your plums in our area (I’m close by in Apex, NC)? What do you spray and when?

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bought the organic copper and organic dormant spray but only ever used the copper once and that was 4 years ago

however i did apply neem oil to the base of most of my trees and have seen minimal peach tree borer damage for years even after just one application so that may be worth doing

i just used the fruit bags to get a few peaches even though the bugs laid eggs ontop of the bags and some/most of the peaches were affected, havent seen a single plum develop besides my candy heart pluerry which has set a few fruit

my recomendation is that u just purchase your peaches and plums from the farmers market, we cant grow them on the east coast without a ton of pesticides atleast in my area

my tangos peach tree in a pot on the driveways however did set quite a bit of fruit which stayed small and cute. and even though the bugs tried to get to them they were simply unnafected

looking back in hindsight i have grown quite a few things and can say that figs/blueberries and strawberries are worth growing among other garden favorites like watermelons and tomatoes and other annuals etc

my texas hardy pomegranate in a pot has done well too

if u want the tangos( yellow donut peach)
u can take from me if u want , in a pot currently but wouldnt mind letting go to a good home, just message me and ill send u my address so u can pick up, anyways good luck

white mulberry tree has a ton of fruit developing this year too, but gets wiped out most years by late frost just like the plum trees which bloom early

anyways let me know and good luck

the trees just didnt need spraying and were unnafected by disease, may be worth doing the neem oil on the first 24 inches of the tree and letting some pool around the base

plum curculio bugs and late frost ensures little to no fruit year to year

i simply refuse to use pesticides so i guess im done with plums and peaches and am thinking about ripping the trees out and putting in blueberries which are reliable and do well here

hope i helped, btw i live in apex too graduated from the old highschool in '10